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Luxury robert henryson wikipedia is the best choice Photograph in robert henryson middle scots robert henrysoun was a poet who flourished in scotland in the period c 14601500 counted among the scots makars he lived in the royal burgh of dunfermline and is a distinctive voice in the northern renaissance at a time when the culture was on a cusp between medieval and renaissance sensibilities, robert henryson war ein schottischer dichter des 15 jahrhunderts und gehört zu den bedeutendsten schottischen schriftstellern dieser zeit er wird zu den schottischen makars gezählt

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this impressive record is unequalled by any other older scots poet and certainly not by robert henryson william dunbar or gavin douglas to name the makaris most esteemed today, henrysons greatness is most plainly to be seen in the range of general principles and ideas which informs his poetry and which allows it to encompass tragedy and comedy alike he is the most shakespearian of the early scottish poets

robert henryson c 1425 c 1500 kent as robert henderson robert henrysoun an aw wis a scots makar jaloused tae hae been a member o the clan henderson o fordell tho thare isna ony clear evidents that this is the case, the testament of cresseid is a narrative poem of 616 lines in middle scots written by the 15thcentury scottish makar robert henryson it is his best known poem it imagines a tragic fate for cressida in the medieval story of troilus and criseyde which was left untold in geoffrey chaucers version